Bring Reflector 2 to the Classroom

Reflector is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly app that allows students to wirelessly display their mobile device screen to a teacher’s computer. You can share from almost any device a student would have: iOS, Android or Chromebooks.

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Watch students collaborate first hand with real-time mirroring

Mirror multiple devices to Reflector to create a collaborative classroom

Use Reflector to record lessons to save for later


Display Android tablets, iOS devices and Chromebooks at the same time

Prevent unwanted connections with access-restricting privacy settings

Watch "Reflector in Education"

Receive mirrored and streamed content from AirPlay and Google Cast instantly. Send learning materials from your tablet to Reflector 2 for wireless, hassle-free collaborations. Watch Now

Bring AirParrot 2 to the Classroom

AirParrot 2 allows you to wirelessly and instantly share a real-time mirror image of your computer screen or Surface Pro screen to receivers like Apple TV, Chromecast or Reflector 2. AirParrot provides an effortless educational experience that can help you get the most out of your technology, at a low cost.

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Add AirPlay and Cast sending capabilities for students with Surface Pros and Windows computers

Simultaneously mirror and stream Mac, PC and Surface Pros to multiple receivers to connect the entire classroom

Use Bluetooth discovery and Quick Connect™ to connect on complex and restricted networks


Add AirParrot to Chromebooks for more robust mirroring capabilities than Google’s native Cast technology provides